A researcher (and more specifically a historian) makes mistakes and is far from being infallible. Doing research also means discovering that some claims in previous articles and works are not correct or only partly true. This section is dedicated to corrections and clarifications of my previous writings related to my research on cultural policy.

  • 22-12-2017: In my master’s thesis, I wrote that Emile Schaus (CSV) was responsible for culture as Minister of National Education. I also claimed that the expression „affaires culturelles“, replacing „arts et sciences“ on an administrative level, appeared in 1964 for the first time. Both claims are wrong. In fact, from 1959 to 1964, Emile Schaus was responsible for „affaires culturelles“ as minister of national education, while Pierre Grégoire (CSV) was heading the newly created „arts et sciences“ department as minister of interior. Here is the link to the grand-ducal decree of 7 March 1959:
  • 03-02-2018: In my master’s thesis, I claimed that it was in 1974, when Robert Krieps (LSAP) became head of the cultural affairs department, that for the first time in Luxembourgish history  a specific Ministry of Cultural Affairs was created. This is, however, not true. In fact, in 1974, the Department of Cultural Affairs was merely part of the Ministry of National Education (cf. grand-ducal decree of 21 June 1974: I assume I made this mistake because in the publications at the time, the cultural department presented itself as the „Ministry of Cultural Affairs“ („ministère des Affaires culturelles“). This self-promotion, by the way, was also a new aspect at the time and did not happen in the decades before. A specific ministry was created in 1984, during the second mandate of Robert Krieps (cf. grand-ducal decree of 26 July 1984: